Awakenings Yoga Studio

Nestled in the magnificent red rocks of Sedona, Awakenings Yoga Studio offers a variety of yogas and healing arts delivered by an elite team of professionals. Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Kundalini are taught by certified and knowledgeable yoginis, who share their passion, expertise and enthusiasm!

The studio is the base for Awakenings of Sedona and Sacred Days Retreats, which delivers customized Wellness Retreats for individuals or groups. A licensed Ayurvedic Practitioner and wellness staff offer diverse modalities and nutritional guidance partnered with yoga to "awaken" you to your highest potential!

Singing Bowls Sanctuary
A "Crystal Tones Temple"

Join us in the lower Awakenings' Yoga Studio which has expanded into a vibrational healing sanctuary! This sacred space delivers alternative and integrative medicine to balance and harmonize the body, mind and soul. Through the symphonic and Balinese gongs, tuning forks and the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls human beings come back into their true inner essence and heal themselves on deep levels.

Laura Penn Gallerstein an expert in music and sound has partnered with Mally Paquette, a vibrational healer and yoga therapist, specializing in the sacred geometry of receiving the Divine.

Come AWAKEN your cells and remember who you are through ancient mystery and teaching. For the eons of time cultures have known and used the power of sound to activate cells for healing. Your body is sacred and is mainly water, thus it is affected by all vibration! Allow Awakenings' healers and caring team to assist you on your journey to receive and transmit a higher consciousness.

As the earth's grids shift and prophesies unfold, humans must shift also to prepare for the changes. Opportunities await in The Singing Bowls Sanctuary!

Sacred Days Retreats

Honor yourself, your family or your company at you immerse into unveiling your magic within. Join a Sacred Days Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, where the land pulses with ancient healing secrets to align you and balance life. Come experience this path of Awakening to remember simplicity and reconnect with your inherent ability to heal mind, body & spirit.

Open 365 days a year, this Healing Center creates customized packages with certified yoga therapist, Mally Paquette. Laura Penn Gallerstein offers vibrational talents to heal the soul. The participation of the Awakening's staff is Sedona's most diverse offering of authentic and experienced instructors and guides.

Transformational yoga, enlightened meditation, shamanic healing, inner child work, sound healing, grief counseling and Ayurveda are only a few of our popular choices.

Our Healing Team - Click on image for full bio

This studio holds a conscious spark with a crystal clear connection to the Cosmic Divine. Mally's warmth and loving compassion can be noticed and felt. She hold unique and peaceful space for each student who arrives. I respect her courage, strength, confidence and passion. I am filled with gratitude for Awakenings and Mally. - Crystal Bliss
Deep gratitude for Mally as a teacher in Awakeings Yoga Studio. I recently graduated from her Kundalini Tantra Training which was a "Grand Adventure". Thank you Mally for helping me find the Lotus within. - Joey
Thank you a million times for offering the recent training. It has profoundly affected & shifted my life! I feel more understanding of myself, my life, my dharma and people in my life. Doors of awareness were opened. Mally's teaching and truthfulness shifted all of us into a new level of Awakening.I am deeply touched by the training. I feel empowered and most importantly that I came "home". - Laura
Awakenings Yoga Studio changed my life! Mally's approach to yoga is both spiritual as well as physical. Mally fed my soul just what my soul needed to hear. I attend Mally's classes everyday. I got stronger emotionally. I definitely got stronger physically! Sarah ( Mally's lovely daughter) is an excellent instructor as well. I love the whole program and everyone there from instructors to participants! I was a stranger to Sedona but I was embraced like family by Mally and the entire Awakenings Yoga Studio. I am so grateful for being apart of this absolutely awesome program. Thank you! - Tracy McDevitt-Follis