Reclaim your birthright of empowerment through the Priestess Path Course

Eight weeks of Sacred Customs and shared Wisdom with Mally Paquette, a modern medicine woman who embraces life with joy & the ceremonial path.


Our soul is continually speaking to us, our angels and guides constantly support us for our Highest Path. The incarnation you selected will serve you well …. IF YOU LEARN TO LISTEN AND HONOR THE SACRED

**** Ignite your passion to manifest your DREAMS
**** Harmonize your body and SPIRIT as one within your TEMPLE
**** Silence and harness the mindintoSTILLNESS
**** Merge masculine and feminine energies discovering BALANCE
**** Hear and understand your SOUL’S CALLING

Live each moment fully in joy and gratitude understanding the elemental connections with the earthly and celestial realms. Create your meaningful journey, serving your soul, your planet and humanity.


Each participant can enroll any week as the Priestess Course is continual and restarts every eight weeks. A commitment of eight weeks is necessary for the optimal results to rediscover and recharge your alignment with your true destiny and dharma.

Once enrolled, you will receive a weekly email with the lesson focus of the week accompanied with that week’s astrological suggestions to learn about the energy field around you and within you. Color therapy and chakra focus of that week guide one on a deeper understanding of the subtle bodies and depths of knowledge layers within each of us. Weekly insight and inquiry allow an individual to connect and discover the wisdom in our cells, as the memories and mysteries unfold.

Through the loving support of Mally on a weekly personal check-in phone call, you will embrace your new Priestess Path into the magic and etheric realms, healing yourself with healing rituals.


  • Self love and acceptance heals
  • Increased self awareness and empowerment
  • Surrender into the cycles of life with the Earth & the Cosmos
  • Retrain the mind and cells discovering deep relaxation and peace
  • Develop your sacredness, tapping into your faithful intuition
  • Nourish yourself on ALL levels, not just through food
  • Understand joy and abundance are available and your birthright

WEEK ONE: Create New Flow in Life
Explore Synchronicity &Simplicity

WEEK TWO: Clarify & Connect with your Soul’s Purpose
Tap into Desires, Dreams & Abundance

WEEK THREE: Elevate Your Spirit
Train and Inspire Levels of Core Vitality

WEEK FOUR: Nourish & Restore Every Cell
Develop Acceptance Relaxing into Divine Flow

WEEK FIVE: Cultivate the Seeds of Higher Consciousness
Ancient Wisdom and Awareness to Manifestation

WEEK SIX: Journey Into Ecstacy
Enlightenment Exercises to Connect with your Divine Spark

WEEK SEVEN: Infuse your Life Purpose
Alchemy of Sun and Moon, integrating New Earth Energies

WEEK EIGHT: Loving Sacred Relationships
Embrace Divine Love in your Soul

Register for the Priestess Path Course

Commitment of 8 weeks required.
Individuals can sign up and start at any time.

Cost: $333 when paid in full or $44 per week.

Call Mally at 772-643-2742 to register.