Private Day Retreats

For individuals, couples and small groups.


Yoga Therapy: Understand the value of yoga through movement with a customized therapeutic practice for your personal injuries or traumas to heal at core levels.

Chakra Clearing: Every individual has energy centers within them, allow a personal assessment & clearing of past toxic and emotional imbalances through vibrational healing with the gongs and crystal bowls.

Meditation & Mantra: Life unfolds through the seeds of our thoughts, thus quieting the mind is imperative. Learn to center in your peace! Acquire tips and guidance for stillness with breath and personal mantra.

Mindfulness Exercises in Nature: Hike in the red rocks with crystal therapy and shamanic exercises to “remember” your true essence and connection.

ISIS and THOTH - $777

Vortex Hike: Sedona is the new Egypt with high clear frequencies in the red rocks. The energy vortexes serve as a platform of transformation to experience deep healing with ancient wisdom techniques.

Yoga Discovery: Restorative movement to allow reflection, releasing grief and diminishing inflammation. The Bemer machine is enjoyed reaching the tissue and cells that hold past trauma.

Astrology or Human Design: Every individual arrives with their blueprint and DNA patterns, thus with a chosen path. Conditioning in our life throws us off our true course, learn and recreate your direction bringing peace and purpose.

Vibrational Healing & Sacred Geometry: You are a vibration and Divine Instrument, learn the sacred geometry within and raise your frequency to a Higher Consciousness enjoying the crystal bowls, gong and drum.


Light Body Activation: Healing hands assess your bodies through reiki and massage activating your cellular memory.

Yoga & Aromatherapy: A healthy physical body requires a flow of energy, open the nadis’s through movement and essential oils, creating deep connections to past lives releasing old patterns.

Radiant Heart Therapy: Connect with your angelic realm through guided meditation and chakra clearing entering into the sanctum of the inner heart.

Sound Healing: Crystal bowls and the gongs with Yoga Nidra offer deep relaxation restoring the nervous system, accessing the cosmic vibration within.


Ceremony: The sacred path is the true way, an art and ritual to integrate into daily life. Experience and learn indigenous ceremony through prayer ties, the elements and the sacred land. You are a sacred Being, come learn and feel this depth!

Breathwork: Become aware of the healing rhythmic breath and journey within to release old patterns creating space for new manifestation of your dream life becoming “the best you”!

Earth Energy & Nutrition: Your vibration is what you “ feed” yourself through choices. Receive indigenous wisdom of the Kogi in South America to enhance your perspective regarding ALL your senses and lifestyle choices.

Yogic Inquiry: Check in with your mind, body & Spirit to assess your life to spark and discover your passion and joy. Coaching you to live fully and fill yourself with happiness through release of conditioning.


Enjoy an entire customized day for yourself with or without your partner, led by Tantrika, Mally Paquette. In nature, on the red rocks, and within the Yoni Studio, discover your sacred sexuality as never before.

The session begins at noon and concludes under the night sky with ceremony under the stars, balancing and embracing the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine within each of us. Within this balance lies our cosmic connection and true Divinity. A unique and passionate experience!

Each retreat is one day, beginning at 8:30 am and concluding at 5:00 pm with lunch and transportation included.

10% Discount for Groups of Three or More • 50% Deposit Required to Hold Booking • 5% Discount if Paid in Full

We are happy to recommend accommodation locations. Interested in combining several of our Day Retreat Options, we are happy to discuss and accommodate your needs.

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Join a Group Retreat

A Yoga Pilgrimage to Awaken Your Magic Within

  • YOGA with world class instructors
  • CEREMONY at Grand Canyon with Native Americans

All levels welcome, customized program.

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Call Mally 772-643-2742
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A Sample Day Retreat

8:00-10:00 Soulful Yoga & Daily Intention
10:30-12:30 Hike to Sacred Vortexes with Chakra Focus

12:30-1:30 Inclusive Lunch (some on the land, picnic style)
2:00-2:30 Break to relax

2:45-3:45 Sound Healing Bath with Crystal Bowls at Awakenings Yoga Studio
3:45-5:15 Inclusive Individual Healing Sessions (through an inner Inquiry Process and discussion, individual appointments are established for your deepest healing)

6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Optional evening Private Healing Sessions (add-on cost)

Our Retreat Leaders

Mally Paquette

Yoga Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coach ~ Certified in Hatha, Ashtanga & Kundalini Yoga ~ Certified Yoga Therapist IAYT ~ Trained Indigenous Medicine Woman. Mally has been involved in the fitness industry for over thirty five years. Her career began as a USPTA tennis pr

Laura Penn Gallerstein

Yoga Teacher / Sound Healing

Vibrational Healing Specialist ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Reiki & Energy Healer. Laura Penn Gallerstein, 500 certified-hours, is a very experienced practitioner and dynamic teacher in the field of Body, Mind & Spirit. For over 40 years she has been comm