Metaphysical Psychologist ~ Inner Child Healing ~ Over 10 years as teacher of Drunvelo’s work.

Dr. Judith Long is a renowned counselor and author. As a lifelong intuitive she helps people worldwide.

Judith applies metaphysical principles in her healing work and life.

“Energy vibration is my main interest. When one understands the vibrational frequency of things, we can make appropriate adjustments and restorations as needed. Individual thoughts, particular diseases, wellness and each chakra have specific frequencies that effect the health of the body and mind. When energy is restored to its
appropriate frequency, one lives from their essence in perfect health and happiness,”
says Dr. Long.

Her practice includes working with the misconceptions and authenticity of the inner child along with clearing, balancing and energizing the chakras.

She offers meditation and classes such as:

  • Inner Sensitivity
  • Woman Awareness
  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Judith is author of “Essence: Insights into the Energy of Homosexuality” (Joshua Books 2004) which she wrote after working with many gay clients in Healing their Inner Child. It’s about the joy of being true to yourself.

Dr. Long developed chakra essential oils while living off the coast of Queensland, Australia. These wonderful organic oils expanded into mists, massage oils, Archangel, Goddess and Mother/Baby mists along with companion meditation CDs from her company Aureiah Productions. The oils express specific frequencies of the plants which, in turn, are similar to characteristics of the person or chakra brought forth. They are popular in the U.S., Australia and Japan.

Dr. Long currently practices in Sedona, Az. and is available for telephone sessions.