• Spiritual healer
  • Grief and trauma relief
  • Radiant Heart Healing (RHH)
  • Author and motivational speaker

Sharon J. Wesch, Ph. D. is a spiritual healer, author, motivational speaker, psychotherapist (Doctorate is in Clinical Psychology ), and an expert in Energy Medicine with 30 years experience of using spiritual healing with her clients.

She has a pioneering spirit and founded the first holistic medical center in the Midwest in 1984. There she created a holistic healthcare program using a team approach for the prevention and treatment of both psychological and physical illnesses. Dr. Wesch has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, California. She has 35 years experience doing counseling and spiritual healing. She is also the author of three books and has traveled extensively teaching Radiant Heart Healing (RHH), a process she created that can be used to heal the many issues of the heart chakra. RHH is very effective for people dealing with Addictions and Recovery because it heals the wounded heart thus clearing the underlying cause of addictive behaviors.

Much of her work has been dedicated to healing grief — it’s her soul mission, both personally and professionally. For the past seven years her practice has included Veterans with PTSD and their families.