Havasupi Medicine Man & Shaman

International Spiritual Speaker, Tribal Singer and Dancer, Visionary

Uqualla means “eyes with a Spark of Light”. James Uqualla was born into the Havasupi tribe, a tribal society, known as “Guardians of the Grand Canyon”.

Uqualla was a personal attendant as a child to the medicine grandfathers.

An active participant of the Havasupi Tribe trained into tribal arts he lives his culture and shares the ancient wisdom! He is an extraordinary tribal singer and dancer. His gifts allow one to understand and experience the ancient healing paths to open to the soul’s journey.

A Havasupi medicine man and shaman, Uqualla presents the wisdom of the ancestral ways. The time is right for us to recognize and awaken our consciousness. Visioning beauty, love and peace for all through tribal dance and chants.

Harmonize with sacred instruments and recognize your gifts.
Create and learn ceremony.
Learn the Art of Posture and Create Heart Awakenings.

Uqualla-snow  James-Uqualla-drum